What is The Gratitude Graffiti Project?

What is The Gratitude Graffiti Project?

It is a forty day practice of purposeful appreciation of one’s life through interactive art. The project engages residents to 1. Contemplate a source of gratitude in their lives and then 2. Provide an outlet to be able to express that thought of thankfulness.

These outlets will act as ‘reminders’ or GRATITUDE STOPS, where a person walking by can mentally note something they are grateful for or to take it a step further and give a gift to our community by actually writing what they are grateful for that day on a “Gratitude Graffiti” wall, a library card, on the sidewalk with chalk, or on a storefront window.

Through The Gratitude Graffiti Project, participants are no longer ‘spectators’ of art, they are fully engaged in creating the art that expresses their gratitude.  Through art, people can contemplate, create and rejuvenate and awaken a whole new perspective on how to look at how great life can be.


8 responses to “What is The Gratitude Graffiti Project?

  1. Teaneck. NJ is doing this now – I am glad to be a part of it – thank you for the idea and the initiative – looking forward to meeting you – Lauren Hooker, Teaneck

  2. Jacquelyn Juricic

    Highland Park NJ will be initiating the Gratitude Graffiti project in 2013–and we are excited to be part of this thought provoking and expressive concept. We are so grateful for the opportunity to participate!

  3. Caroline Gosselin

    I absolutely love this concept… what a beautiful thing!

  4. I would love to be a part of this. Gratitude Gardens is our community garden and teaching spot for local schools. I volunteer teach sustainability and gratitude. I feel that the high school would really get into this!
    Please send me info on how I can connect to this. gratitudegardensav@gmail.com, also on facebook: Gratitude Gardens

  5. We did at The Messy Artist in East Hanover! We had the children write what they are grateful for! The students loved it so much. They thought it was so cool that we let them write on the windows.

  6. Karen Waller-Harris

    Peace and contentment lies in the life of those who posses an attitude of gratitude.

  7. Highland Park is grateful for the opportunity to again implement the Gratitude Graffiti Project in 2014! We kick off our 33 days of gratitude on Sunday October 26th, and continue through Thanksgiving. This year, more than 25 local businesses and organizations are participating, including our town library, schools, religious institutions and local businesses…

  8. The Highland Park effort is being led by “Who is My Neighbor? inc. , and you can see the full list of participating organizations and other activities at http://www.whoismyneighbor.net/projects/the-gratitude-graffiti-project

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