Day two: Are you good at Pooping?

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”  Eckhart Tolle

We participated in Maplewood Loves Wellness Fair yesterday and set up a Gratitude Stop where people of all ages had a chance to stop, contemplate one thing they are grateful for and write it down.  One wee man, aged 5 or so, was giggling and writing while I was talking with other people.  When he was done, he looked up at his parents with a smile and said “look!”, proudly pointing at what he had written: ” ImGoodATpOOpING”.  (Translation: I am good at pooping).

After some contained laughter, his dad took a deep breath and said “I am grateful he can spell.”

We can always be grateful for something, including things we take for granted.

What are you grateful for today?  Check out my entry below.


11 thoughts on “Day two: Are you good at Pooping?

  1. I am grateful that my mom came to visit today and helped me do some things around the house before our new Au pair arrives!

  2. I am grateful for a beautiful day spent outside with my daughter who inspired everyone she met to smile.

  3. I am grateful that I was able to get away for the weekend with a few girlfriends and travel to Montreal! Thankful for safe travels and all the laughs we had.

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