Day five: Gratitude can be a moment by moment experience

A moment in time at Able Baker

A blog post from Candice Davenport, co- creator of The Gratitude Graffiti Project.

So while my natural tendency is to express my gratitude in anonymity, I think I stumbled upon something profound as I am going through this journey with the rest of the town and I thought it was worthy to share.

I was walking around town with my son, who is almost three years old. He is the youngest of our three children. While I was running these errands and had a million things running through my brain I wanted to jump start the gratitude graffiti project at our newest partner- Able Baker. As I contemplated what I was grateful for I felt this little, warm hand settled comfortably in mine and thought, “how do I capture this moment that I am so grateful for right now?” And that is how I used the graffiti to outline his hand and commemorate that moment.

Now I will not go into how he had a tantrum an hour earlier.  Nor will I say that once I practiced gratitude (and he was thrilled to have his hand traced for all to see) that life proceeded to be perfect. I think that is the point. When I practiced gratitude- for that moment- life was nothing short of spectacular.  I saw how little his hand was on the window and felt honored to have the privilege to hold it. Reflecting on my older two children, I realize how fast those moments fleet away from you- but despite that, every now and then you still need a reason to take the time to appreciate how lovely (and heartbreakingly temporary) all of this is. And for this practice, I am grateful.

So go ahead. Graffiti the person you love on a window. Trace them with sidewalk chalk and write “Grateful for this person I get to LOVE!”. Write a thank you note. Hold someone’s hand.  And be thankful for that moment of joy.

13 thoughts on “Day five: Gratitude can be a moment by moment experience

  1. this is beautiful Candice. Thank you for sharing this moment with us! i don’t think gratitude “can” be a moment by moment experience, i think it IS a moment by moment experience, and if we choose to look at it that way, we can appreciate each moment so much more. In this moment, I am grateful for the countless hours of energy you have poured into this project. It is so much richer because of you. Thank you! And I am grateful for all the cuddles I got from my Coco last night after she had a nightmare. Lucila

  2. Gratitude is contagious! Sometimes we get lost in a hundred daily things forgetting the real and important ones. Reading your comment Candice, put me into perspective again and allowed me to think on how grateful I am just to be alive and to have my husband beside me.Suddenly, I felt a smile on my face! Gratitude creates happiness! Thank you.

  3. How wonderful to hear and feel all the love that is surrounding the village because of your pure intention. I am so grateful to be in this moment of time with you all, and am holding space for my grandchildren to come here very soon to experience this also!
    Thank you both for your practice, it is very beautiful.
    With Love,

  4. It brings a smile to face to read eveyones postings. The past few months I have been struggling to truly find my happiness. You never know what life is going to through your way or how your life can change in the blink of an eye when you least expect it. I have been trying to take it day by day and live in the moment. I am gratful that Lucila shared this gratitude graffiti project with me and that I am participating daily. I am gratful for my life and for everything that I have including my health, job, family, friends, and so much more! Sometimes I think that things can’t get worse and then I have to stop and remind myself that there are people in this world that have experienced things much worse…I find myself saying a lot “whatever you are going through, there is always someone going through something a lot worse”. There are people in this world that are struggling with things that life has thrown their way and they truly have no control over it. When I think about things that upset me or get me down, I really don’t have a reason to be unhappy or sad. I heard a quote a few weeks ago “Be where your feet are” and this is something that I am trying to live by…I love this quote and it makes so much sense to me!

    • Aaahh…yes…”be where your feet are”. Seems like a powerful analogy, saying or mantra. Something to come back to time and time again. It’s so easy to feel lost and like we are flailing or out of control when we seem to be struggling so I find the visual of the feet grounding. Also, we often think that our struggles are caused by something “out there” but in reality they are caused by our mind wondering to the past or the future (wishing things had been different or wishing for things to be different). “Be where your feet are” keeps you gently focused on accepting each precious moment, moment by moment (including the precious moments we label “bad”). This in turn helps us to grow because we are more able to see each situation as one to learn from rather than one to judge or beat up ourselves (or others) about. Thanks so much for you candid words Jackie.

  5. I’m grateful for way I feel right now. Stopped long enough to feel the cool breeze, look up at an amazing cloudy sky, and hear all the birdies! Everything feels so purposeful right now.

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