Day Six: Why be grateful anyway?

An expression of gratitude at Core Mind and Body window

We often think of gratitude as an expression of thanks for a thing or a person and we sometimes forget that we can be grateful for a way of thinking or a way of being or a way of feeling (as expressed so beautifully in the Core Body and Mind window yesterday by one of their clients).

Yesterday I met with four amazing women who shared their wisdom with me.  We discussed the idea of who we want to BE in situations and letting that be our guide for our actions. We want to be loving and compassionate and gentle.  We also agreed that when we don’t act from this way of being, we tend to judge.  We judge ourselves and get angry with others (and ourselves).  But we do experience moments when we are being gentle with ourselves.  We do have moments when we “don’t act according to plan” and we are able to gently return to a place that feels better.  These are the moments we tend to ignore in our moment of gratitude because we are still too busy judging ourselves (or justifying why we acted the way we did).

So today, in this moment, I urge you to look not just at all the things that you are doing wrong but at the moments where you turned things around, or at the moment you let go feeling angry (even if for just a second), or the moment you realized you were acting from a place of judgement and decided to act from a place of love instead.    These are the moments we need to remember to remember (yes, remember to remember!) as often as we can.  This is training our mind like you would other parts of your body.  You wouldn’t expect to do a set of sit ups a day and not see results.  Same goes for practicing gratitude.

Shall we start our first set?

15 thoughts on “Day Six: Why be grateful anyway?

  1. Today I am grateful for being able to laugh and feel lighter after a moment of anger with my better half. 🙂 And I am grateful for Coco’s ability to be unstoppable (even if sometimes I want her to stop! ) Lucila

  2. I am grateful for the moments when someone acts in a way that tweaks my patience, because they are my teachers, they remind me to be flexible to let it go. They remind me to remember my happy mind is always waiting for the next moment to be grateful and rejoice! I did it, I didn’t give into the old ways……freedom…..yea!

    • Dechok, thank you for reminding me that everyone is my teacher. It’s funny how we think that teachers need to be “the wise one” but in reality those who tweak our patience can be just as helpful if not more helpful in our learning and growth. Thank you.

  3. I am grateful for being able to feel the warm water of the shower, the stone under my feet, the cool fall breeze, to see the colors of the turning leaves, to sense the changing of the seasons, to hear the wind moving through the branches, the chirping of the few birds still with us, to to feel understood in this moment.

  4. I am grateful that I was able to reconnect with a friend and colleague today. Being psychotherapist in private practice can be very isolating. Talking about the business side of helping others with her is really helpful.

  5. Today I am thankful to work with my endlessly creative, brainy, hilarious, energetic, Studio B partner, and for my compassionate, dynamic, unstoppable, amazing HK Project colleagues. I am so lucky to be able to do the work I do!

  6. I am grateful to be able to laugh at myself daily. Sometimes bringing a smile to your own face is just what you need.

  7. Althought I did not write it I had a moment of such heart opening gratitude yesterday that it will live in me forever. I was in an embrace so gentle yet strong and so supportive and kind.
    I am grateful for that hug.

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