Day Twelve: Can the whole world change?

“I understand that others carry burdens I do not see – including burdens I have placed on them by my own self-betrayals… Seeing now with compassion, my view of others changes whether they change or not.” Arbinger Institute, The Choice

  Yesterday, I went to one of our local Gratitude Graffiti Project participating businesses, Strawberry Fields, to take a picture of their window of gratitude.  I was happily met with a window that was so saturated with gratitude you could barely see through it.

So, after one last expression of gratitude on the crowded window, Ben, the nice young man working at the store, helped me to clean and clear the windows so we could allow for more participants to express their gratitude.

And it got me thinking about my own mind and how sometimes I too have to clear my mind, just like we did the window, to be able to create anew.

When my mind is crowded with my to do list, my thoughts  and my irritations, I can’t think clearly.  I can only see the world through the jumbled, hurried and packed mind.  All this without even realizing it.

We can apply the Windex to our mind.  We can sit for a moment, perhaps close our eyes and take in what is there first.  We can notice and observe like we would a window full of graffiti.  Then, we can gently clear it away.  We can make room to create.  Just as the young ladies at Strawberry Fields did yesterday, today, we can create a mind of gratitude, love and compassion.  By so doing, moment by moment, our view of the world changes.


21 thoughts on “Day Twelve: Can the whole world change?

  1. I love the idea of applying Windex to our own mind!
    I am grateful today for having such a thoughtful, loving, grateful daughter. You help me so much to reflect on my own life, and that gives me peace and happiness.
    I love you Lucila…I am just grateful for that.

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! this is the artist’s lesson and the Buddha lesson as well, isn’t it? Clear it all. And in that clarity you can start again to see the abundance of what is there. Which may include a yummy frozen yogurt, haha…thankful for my kindred friend, Lucila and dare I say it? Here goes: I am thankful my mammogram was negative. Viva breast cancer awareness and thank the universe and the powers that be for this beautiful life.

  3. Seeing now with compassion, my view of others changes whether they change or not.” I LOVE this! Thank You Lucila.

    I am grateful that you have taken on this project and for what it is doing in our community and world.

  4. 是一个很好的项目(涂鸦),Lucila MC埃尔罗伊试图让进化得只剩了人,我希望每个人都可以看到Facebook上。
    Zhè shì yīgè hěn hǎo de xiàngmù (túyā),Lucila MC āi ěr luō yī shìtú ràng jìnhuà de zhǐ shèngle rén, wǒ xīwàng měi gèrén dōu kěyǐ kàn dào Facebook shàng

    Translation(provided by The Gratitude Graffiti Project): Is a good project (graffiti), Lucila MC Elroy trying to get envolve people, I hope everyone can see on Facebook.

  5. I am grateful for small miracles. I surrounded by new babies and just witness a 5 year old who does not eat solid food just take his first bite of a cupcake. He made the decision to do it and he did! Grateful to the life force.

  6. Hello, I met you at the Day of wellness fair, we spoke about the kindness and grafitti campaigns collaborating. I sent you an email earlier this week about getting together either Friday or Saturday. I’m free for Lunch on Friday and Saturday and breakfast on Friday

    Hope to meet with you soon

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of applying windex to the mind! I really needed to read this today…I am going to try to implement this into my thought process to help me move on and continuing to “be where my feet are”. Today I am grateful to work with amazing college students who bring a smile to my face daily. I am also grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference and positive impact on college students as they go through their journey of college life.

  8. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    -Mahatma Gandhi

    Even if its small something like this will eventually inspire somebody and that is a special thing, Im glad to of been a part of this and look forward too seeing new work continued on the strawberry fields window


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