Preparing for the hurricane…

An expression of gratitude Shakti Yoga and Living Arts

As we prepare for hurricane Sandy here in NJ, I am reminded on all the little (and big) things I take for granted each day:

  • running water
  • clean water
  • toilets
  • heat
  • being able to cook and eat warm food
  • electricity
  • home phone
  • cell phone
  • internet
  • newspaper delivery
  • postal service
  • light when it’s dark out
  • good schools
  • ambulance, fire and police professionals
  • the leaves getting picked up

What little (or big) things are you grateful for today?


6 thoughts on “Preparing for the hurricane…

  1. I am grateful for the people who just picked up our leaves outside our house to make room for the water that will undoubtedly come down in the next 48 hours . I am also grateful for Amelie’s smile as she came down the stairs after waking up. Stay safe everyone! Lucila

  2. I am grateful I know my children are safe.
    Grateful to the caring parents and catechists at St. Joseph’s Church who did a beautiful job with the 3rd grade saints activity and all the delicious yummies donated for the kids.
    Thankful for food stockpiled and clear gutters to drain away the rain (hopefully).
    Thankful for electricity and all the above, Lucila 🙂
    Thankful to be able to afford things like medications.
    Thankful for tree roots to soak up the rain.
    Thankful for the shelter of a warm home.
    Stay safe everyone.

  3. I’m grateful to be able to spend a Monday with my kids and husband tomorrow even if it is due to a massive storm!

  4. I am grateful to have been part of Dharmachakra Meditation Center this year. Arrived with the storm last year in time to help rebuild, and here we are again, helping each other prepare for the storm.
    What a wonderful opportunity each moment gives us! This morning we read the Heart Sutra, then after class we dissolved the center onto cinder blocks, and taped up the doors. And we wait.
    Be safe, and keep a happy mind:) I am grateful for you Lucila!

  5. I am grateful for:
    -my apartment
    -support from my family
    -hot showers
    and also all the things Lucila mentioned.

    Tonight I had to prepare my staff and students for the storm coming are way. I am grateful to work with strong student leaders who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

  6. I am grateful that I can spend the day indoors being lazy with my family. I am grateful to everyone who will help us to make it through the storm and the aftermath like the people who will clear fallen trees, repair utilities, etc.

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