One essesntial hurricane safety tip.

One of our commercial streets in Maplewood, NJ…

School has been cancelled today and tomorrow.  We have cleared the basement.  OK, my husband cleared the basement.  We have secured the trampoline.  We have emergency battery powered lights, candles, bottled water, water in the bathtub to flush toilets if needed and enough Halloween candy to feed an army.

I just read that 51 lives have already been claimed by hurricane Sandy in Haiti.  I  think of the friends I made there when I visited last year, mainly women and children, living in tents.  So far, I have heard that everyone is safe.

As I sit here in the comfort of my own home, warm, electricity working, being able to use my comfortable lap top from my comfy couch I am reminded yet again of how lucky I am.

I know that the storm won’t rear its ugly head around our parts for a few hours.  At this point, we have done all we can physically do to get ready.  One more thing to do…As Lisa Duggan so eloquently shared on Facebook:

“And where did last year’s preparation , or the year’s before, get you? / man stands permanently fixed in the eye of all storms / the earth cares nothing for your extra batteries or your bath tub filled with water / your love will be the only thing that remains / fill your houses with that”

Now I’m as prepared as can be.

11 thoughts on “One essesntial hurricane safety tip.

  1. In this moment, I am grateful for my safety. I am grateful for my daughters playing nicely (notice I said in this moment. I won’t tell you about how they were behaving one hour ago). And I am grateful for Amelie bringing out the crafts. Stay safe everyone! Lucila

  2. Thank you for this, Lucila. I needed it. I’m also thankful for the neighbors and friends in this area who will help out when and if anyone needs it. We can depend on each other throughout.

    • I agree with you Marcy. Even if it’s just for the little things…Just went over to my neighbor’s to borrow some chicken stock. The wind is strong out there. It was a little scary.

  3. I am grateful for the family time that we have been given by the weather, that Fran and Zan have just put an apple crumb pie in the oven that they have prepared together from scratch and as long as we have electricity, I will roast my first duck. I hope that all of you will stay safe with the uncertainity of the weather that faces us.

  4. Right now, I am grateful that I did not have to evacuate my students out of our residence hall and that I am able to remain in the comfort of my apartment (at least for now). Although I wish I could be with my family during this storm, I am grateful that they are all together and safe and I look forward to hearing the stories and laughs that will come from my cousin hosting my grandparents over the next few days. I am grateful for working cell phones so I can keep in touch with my brother and parents since we are not able to be together. Working at a university during this weather is going to keep me up 24/7 for the next few days and through whatever happens, I am going to tackle it one crisis at a time, and remember to be where my feet are…even if moments get really rough. I wish everyone safety throughout the storm and any aftermath that may come.

  5. I’m grateful that we had enough time to prepare for the storm, for our warm (still) house and electricity that we still have.

  6. Yes I agree, the only thing that matters is the unconditional love and compassion that comes pouring out at times like this. Perhaps we should always have a death awareness, then perhaps we would be open to being vulnerable sensitive and intimate with the world.
    Many prayers and love to all. OM Tare Tutare Ture Soha. This is
    Tara’s mantra. She is the protector, the wind element. Please join me saying her mantra tonite.

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