Day 21: When everything seems out of control.

Expression of gratitude at KnitKnack

“As long as we structure our lives in a way where our happiness is dependent upon something we can not control, then we experience pain.” Tony Robbins

By Lucila McElroy and Sonia Tamaroff

We have been one of the lucky ones.  We have power in a town where 90% of our homes are still without it.  We have extra rooms for our friends to stay with us and we have plenty of power outlets to help our neighbors charge their electronics.

Who knows  if I will continue to have power today or if a tree will fall on my house.  Nothing is permanent and we can can’t control anything out there, yet we want to, don’t we?

I know I  have been lucky to have a moment to pause and ponder a bigger picture.  We live our lives “making rules” that determine what NEEDS to happen for us to feel good.  Think about it.  Do you have to have someone “respect” you to feel good?  Do you have to make ‘X’ amount of money to feel happy?  Do your plans have to go exactly as “planned” to not feel stressed?  Do you have to achieve all your goals?  Do you have to be spiritually evolved or wait until you achieve total enlightenment to feel good?

Today, I invite you to see that absolutely nothing has to happen “out there” in order for you to feel good right now.  A challenge in these difficult times, I know.

What does this mean?  It means that today, when you experience a “tough” moment, you “see” things through a different lens.  Not one that determines your peace of mind  by what happens to you from “out there” but one that is within you to CHOOSE how to act or react moment by moment.

I am grateful to have power and running water.  Our house is open for anyone who needs it!

9 thoughts on “Day 21: When everything seems out of control.

  1. I am grateful to have to slow down and appreciate what matters most to me- family, friends, community, sharing, helping, talking.

    • Meredith, so true. I read a friend’s post on Facebook today. The power had just come back on and she said she felt she did not want it to come back on for the exact same reasons you mentioned.

  2. I an grateful for getting close to the front of the line for gas and for the monopoly and life games that we played as a family by candle light these last few days!

  3. I am grateful I had the morning off and was able to have my wonderful staff over for brunch. It was great to see them cooking, cleaning, watching cartoons, and enjoying my comfy couch.

  4. I am very grateful to have received tender loving care from Lucila today, and to have eaten Sonia’s delicious apple crisp, and spinach quiche! Watching 6 children get along all day and two amazing mothers caring for them was a special gift.
    My friends from Long Island are checking in one at a time, their lives will never be the same. Life is very fragile and so very precious.
    Thank you Lucila, Sonia, and all the beautiful children it was wonderful to have spent a day in your home, a house full of love, laughter, meditation, music and good food! I rejoice in all your good fortune, and great husbands!
    Now I am back at Jackie’s ready to snuggle in a nice warm bed, making prayers for all my friends on LI, NY and NJ without heat, hot food, or clean water, and many without their homes.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

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