Day 22: A day at the beach

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee

Last year, six of us were scheduled to go on a surfing trip to the Jersey Shore.   I got a call from the instructor minutes before leaving the house to let me know that the waves and the wind were too high and dangerous for us to try surfing.  Without hesitation everyone agreed that we would still drive down to the beach and make the best of this day.

We arrived and as predicted the wind was blowing hard and the red flag was flapping strongly on the mast to warn everyone to not get into the water.  All of us walked down to the beach, took in the majestic views of the waves and we simply stood there in awe.  We went with the flow throughout the day and found a small more protected beach.  We learned Tai chi and in the end we learned how to paddle board and “surf” without the waves.

I am certain that what made our day so memorable was everyone’s intention to make the best of it, to have fun, to enjoy, to learn, to be together, to just be.  To be present.  And while every day is not going to be “a day at the beach”, that “surf” day taught me to continuously nurture my intention in order to become more present.  Becoming more present can positively transform the way I feel  about my day and each small or large task that fills it.

11 thoughts on “Day 22: A day at the beach

  1. Yes, each like a wave, coming up and going back into the great ocean of time.
    Each moment giving rise to the next, each thought riding like a surfer on each breath. What do we want our lives to be full of?
    Moment by precious moment, tick ….. tock…..then….

  2. I am so grateful to just be. And dad seconds!
    I love your surfing story. It is so easy to stay home feeling frustrated, but instead you chose to go and you found so much happiness even without surfing!
    I am grateful for the choices I have at this precious moment!
    Thank you Graffiti Project for giving me the possibility of deep thinking!

  3. I loved reading todays posting! Making the best out of your day no matter where it takes you can truly change attitude and and turn a frown upside down. Today I am grateful to enjoy a night of peace and relaxation in my apartment while i snuggle with myself on my couch and watch movies till I fall asleep.

  4. I am grateful for warmth in my home! It’s been cold here and feels great just to be in my warm, bright apartment. I am grateful for the reminder to be present, to be in harmony with what is natural and to simplify. Walking is a good thing.

    • I too am grateful for simplifying. We add so much on during our regular lives. Sandy has given me the reminder that simpler works extremely well.

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