Day 23: A 6 year old with a message

A simple message by Tiago, 6 years old: “I am grateful for peace.” at The Maplewood Public Library

I agree with Tiago.  I am grateful for how peaceful our town has dealt with this disaster.  Peace is visible in all the stores in our village who miraculously did not lose power and continue to offer a cup of coffee and a place to charge our phones.  Peace is visible at our neighbors’ homes, helping each other with food, warmth and a place to sleep.  Peace is visible at the library where thousands of people have gathered throughout the last week to stay warm, re-charge and connect with each other.

What are you grateful for in your own neighborhood?

8 thoughts on “Day 23: A 6 year old with a message

  1. I am grateful for power, good friends, heat, and an endless amount of cootie catchers and fortune tellers thanks to my sisters!!!!!

  2. I am grateful for Anabella’s wisdom, love, thoughtfulness and compassion!
    We love you so much!!!

  3. I am grateful for the people who came to the Dharma Center today, to meditate together, share their stories, and good food. I agree
    Tiago is a very peaceful 6 year old boy, and Amellia is a very generous loving young lady.

  4. I am grateful for individuals that are are always willing to lend a helping hand. Today I finally got a chance to go visit my family…seeing the damage in their towns was very sad. I am grateful for the neighbors of my grandparents who are always willing to help them out (even with the little things in life). My grandpa shared that the neighbor helped him start the generator that he was struggling to get started. I am also grateful that the town police came to their door to check on them after getting a call from relatives out of state. Tonight we had a small family dinner at my parents and I am grateful I was able to attend and make some memories.

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