Day 25: Second week of NO SCHOOL

Many of the buildings around us (including both schools our girls attend) are still without power.  As we walk around town I am touched by the signs on the windows, like this one at Anthony Garubo: FEMA disaster relief on one sign and complimentary shampoo on the other one.

The expressions of gratitude are growing.  Like this one at Lotus Petals. 

Peggy, the owner, mentioned that during this difficult time she has noticed people wanting to express their gratitude even more than before the hurricane.

We are going on our second week of no school.  I continue to be grateful that we are safe, warm and able to help those in need.

What is one thing you are grateful for today?

7 thoughts on “Day 25: Second week of NO SCHOOL

  1. I am grateful for hope and the chance to vote. For the awareness to vote from my heart and not from a space of protecting my wallet. For the awareness that it is all an illusion created by consciousness. And for the chance to play!

  2. Today I am most grateful for my breath. Every time I think that I am about to breakdown, I remember to breathe and I feel better.

  3. I am grateful today to be able to walk, breathe, and pray. I visited a young friend in hospital today, she is very I’ll and trying to get better. I am grateful for the many caring health professionals, family and friends doing their very best to help her.

  4. I am grateful for Anne’s Birthday. With great admiration to a wonderful friend! With much love!

  5. Today I am grateful that I was able to leave work early to go vote and then do a little shopping to buy myself a few things including rain boots for the upcoming rain coming our way…something tells me I will be putting them to use running around campus outside in the next few days.

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