Day 26: Grateful to Wait in Line

An entry by Candice Davenport, The Gratitude Graffiti Project:

Gratitude Graffiti from the Hair Chalet.

Our nation and region showed great courage and determination yesterday to mobilize ourselves and each other, to get to the polls and take advantage of our civil right to cast a vote for our governmental leaders. We walked. We stood in line. Not for gas. But for something that meant something to us.

Some of us without power, some of us transported far from our homes, we overcame such things and made our presence known and our voices heard.
Maybe reflecting on this election day, in the wake of response and recovery from Hurricane Sandy and hunkering down for another pounding by a Nor-Easter, we can be grateful that we are made of a stronger will than we thought we were. Grateful that we are a resilient family. Grateful that we are a community that does care for its own. Grateful that we have the means to lend a hand. Grateful that we can cry and then pick ourselves up and move forward. Grateful to wait in line so our voices are heard, and know in a sea of people, we are not alone. We are here. We matter and that today could be our greatest day yet.

Sometimes our greatest day can start with a personal practice of thankfulness.

11 thoughts on “Day 26: Grateful to Wait in Line

  1. I am grateful for your post Candice. Having lived in a third world country, I am grateful to live in this country where one’s vote makes a difference and matters. I am also grateful for my daughter Anabella’s flexibility to go to a different school today as her school is still without power.

  2. Today I am grateful for the United States of America. Love your words Candice, thank you for being so thoughtful and for inspiring others.
    From Canada with love.

  3. My Irish relatives are very moved and impressed at how people opened their homes to others in the aftermath of Sandy. I am grateful for that.

  4. Well done America, I rejoice for everyone!!!
    Now the wind is at his back once more, and filled with gratitude I am sure, I pray this gives him the courage to fulfill his promise to the children.

    We must remind him lovingly that we must protect the earth, this earth belongs to our children, and to their children’s children. We must protect the future security of the earth, by protecting against global warming. We can live with less to protect our children.

    We have seen how we can live with less and be quite happy. I would say that many of us have benefited from living differently, by sharing and caring for each other lately. We’ve certainly enjoyed sharing our home with friends, community dinners, love and laughter. A taste of how it used to be in more difficult times when folks pulled together to survive the storms of life.

    Well done Mr President!
    Well done America!

  5. Im grateful for for the yoga studio I attend and for the friends i have made there…going daily helps me get away and unwind my day. I am also grateful that I was able to share this gratitude project with my community tonight…it brought joy to my life to see my residents smile when we asked them to participate and write on the windows to “our home”.

    • Yahoo! Congratulations on starting the project in your community. You are helping others see what perhaps they can not see(or have a harder time seeing), especially during these difficult times. I am grateful for you Jackie. Keep the smiles coming!

  6. We often take advantage of the things we encounter in our daily lives. We never think twice about the little things we have like a warm shower or a hot meal, or even having shoes on our feet or a jacket on our back. But within the last few weeks, with all that has happened with Hurricane Sandy, I would like to say that I am grateful for everything that I have. I know I don’t think twice about how lucky I am to have such caring and loving people in my life. I’m thankful for my family, my friends that are my family, to have a home to go back to, and to have the opportunity to go to college. I’m thankful for the electricity I have, and the heat that keeps me warm. I am thankful for the meals I can afford and having clean water to drink. I’m thankful for the bright future I can work towards. But most importantly, I am thankful for my life. Let us pray for those that have lost almost everything, and rejoice in the fact that they are still here, they have not lost their most valuable possession. Though things may be difficult, at least they have hope, they can rebuild their lives and work towards a brighter future. This is something everyone can be thankful for.

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