Day 31: Prepare…

Even the trees were screaming.

The next storm is coming.  It might be external, like the one we just experienced, or internal.  Question: are we  prepared?

Flashlights, check.  Batteries, check.  Bottled water, check.  Clear mind,…not so sure.

There is something we can do internally to prepare for what life throws our way.  One small problem.  Most of the time, we don’t place a lot of value on our internal preparation and we don’t even know what steps we need to do this. We are stopped before we even get started.

So what can we do?  To start we can take a moment to contemplate and reflect.

Sometimes we fail to see the truth as we are whizzing by.  We need to stop, think, feel and absorb into the beautiful space of gratitude that lies deep within our heart.  When we start to feel the benefit of this view, beyond our chatter, beyond the busyness, we will have an incentive to do this more often.

It is then, that we might start to see that everything is transitory, even our joy and the things we take for granted.  When we search deeply inside our minds and hearts we might find the hidden jewel of impermanence which will then grow our gratitude for each moment.

An entry by Kelsang Dechok and Lucila McElroy

7 thoughts on “Day 31: Prepare…

  1. Today I am grateful for my chiropractor who helped me feel some relief. I am grateful for some extra time to contemplate as my girls are being picked up by a friend. I am grateful for Kevin who picks up the slack when I am not feeling 100%.

  2. Today I am grateful for the yoga studio I attend and for the fact that I have time to spend hours there each day to “get away” and clear my mind and re-engerize myself!

  3. I am grateful for this daily call to gratitude and for the reminder that a common thread runs through all the great belief systems.

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