Day 36 & 37: The Writing on the Wall

An entry by Candice Davenport:

Earlier in the forty day project, a friend of mine relayed a story about her reaction to the graffiiti project and it was surprising and enlightening.  She was driving past one of the stores who had written on their door in big letters:

“So Grateful 4 You!” and in my friend’s mind she thought that the writing on the wall meant that her favorite store was closing. She quickly parked, jumped out of her car and ran into the store and asked the owner if she were closing. The owner reassured her that business was good and that they were participating in the project and all was right with the world.

But that got me thinking: Do we find ourselves most grateful at the end? The end of a project.  The end of an event. The end of a life..?

Or have we begun a practice that is grateful for beginnings when there is nothing to take stock of, except possibilities and dreams; or in the middle when things are complicated and messy, or when nothing is happening despite our best efforts and we are frustrated because we just want to get to the end..or go back? Are we looking at every end as a new beginning? Or maybe sometimes, that all good and (not so good) things come to an end and we can be grateful for all of it at that moment.

Have you stopped to write what you are thankful for on your personal ‘window’ today?

5 thoughts on “Day 36 & 37: The Writing on the Wall

  1. Today I walked into my office and on a chalkboard I have hanging on the wall it read “Be where your feet are”…I am thankful for the person who wrote this (although a mystery, I am guessing it was one of my students). I am grateful for the happiness I continue to find in my life each day and for having the free time to do things that make me happy daily.

    I am also grateful for a conversation I had at yoga tonight…we started talking about life and she asked my age…engaging in the conversation open my eyes to once again seeing all the things I have accomplished so far in my 20s (I will be 29 next month) and all the things I have to be grateful for! There was a time that I would get “depressed” about my age and always say “30 is staring me in the face…what I am I doing with my life…”. I finally have an answer..I am living my life! I am doing things that make me happy and have learned to not let society and the comments from others bring me down; especially when it comes to relationships, love, and being single. Who created the law saying that you have to be married with kids at 30 anyway? I know my time will come if it is meant to be…in the meantime, I am just living life and not letting “society” put pressure on me.

    • Jackie. Thank you for sharing this with us. I acknowledge you for the effort you are putting into making your life so meaningful and happy. You being happy helps us all! I can relate to what you are saying about being a certain age and wanting life to look a certain way. For most of my life I have looked “out there” (for the house, the kids, the husband, the relationships) to make me happy, fulfilled, or complete. What I have realized over the last few years is that I have been in a race to nowhere. Made up by yours truly. A race that will never be won, because what I was doing is believing that it was those things out there that would finally complete me when in reality it was my mindset that was keeping me from feeling anything less than freedom and peace of mind. For some reason, we keep being taught that our happiness comes from somewhere other than our mind and unfortunately this perspective keeps us unhappy, blaming and upset. When I started to see that my happiness comes from my mind being calm and peaceful, i started to experiment with this in meditation and real life practice, it has literally transformed every relationship, every situation, every moment.

  2. Jackie, I am grateful for your reminder to just live life and in my case not to let my perceptions influence how I feel.

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