Day 39: My barn burned down.

Tuscan Elementary School’s version of Gratitude Graffiti.  (Thank you Ms. Devonish!)

“My barn burned down, then I could see the moon.”  Zen Saying

“One of my greatest life experiences was when I was making my Broadway debut. I was so nervous and people-pleasing that I pretty much sucked in the play and got bad reviews. My useless agents didn’t even come to see it and I fired them. I was devastated by the whole thing. I was clinging so desperately to a certain outcome, and yet, somehow, the fact that the play “failed” helped me get my whole life turned around. I got a much renewed inner strength and vision which helped me get better agents and started me pursuing a film and TV career. All because of this “disastrous” series of events.”  Rainn Wilson (the actor who plays Dwight Schrute on The Office)

When did the bottom fall out on you only to lead you to something better?

My first barn “burned down” moment was when my parents decided to move from Spanish speaking Argentina (where I had friends, cousins, and 4 grandparents close by) to English speaking Vancouver, Canada. No English, no friends, no family, no comfortable surroundings.   I was twelve and it seemed at first like this was going to be the end of me.

Well, it turned out to be a life defining transition.  One that has made me stronger and has instilled a belief in me that if I can do that at twelve, I can do anything.  Having to learn English, make new friends in a new country miles away from home, trying to fit in (and not knowing the rules), being “teased” for my accent…and getting through it, not just surviving it but really shining.  I went from being a shy, stay close to the teacher and mom kid to being a social butterfly and comfortable in most situations.

Having had this experience has given me a perspective that supports me in taking risks, getting up when I fall down and “going for it” even if I don’t know what life will look like on the other side.  Something I am grateful for.

So, how about you?  When did the bottom fall out on you only to lead you to something much, much better?

4 thoughts on “Day 39: My barn burned down.

  1. Grateful for Rainn Wilson and other actors that make me laugh:-) Grateful for the solid schools that educate my daughters.

  2. Yesterday I was grateful for challenging myself to “go out” by myself…this is something I always say I am going to start doing and end up not. My plans fell through last night and although I let myself get upset for a period of time…I changed my attitude. I decided to make the best of the night and it was a success!

  3. well I don’t think the bottom has fallen out – or more accurately – the bottom is gone but I am still clinging to the sides refusing to let go and let be – even though letting go is what i know will bring me the most happiness….
    it’s funny – I have been thinking all day about how I am trying to make changes in my life and yet I am still doing the same old things. so glad I took the time to read this and hear the message

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