Day 1: Thankful for Year Two

West Village Clothing Co. Maplewood, NJ

Today we welcome so many big and beautiful changes.   Maplewood, New Jersey came out today swinging with The Gratitude Graffiti Project. To walk around town and see the store windows with messages of gratitude at every corner of town was amazing.

Two things struck me that I like to remember as I end the day reflecting on this project. One was an employee at a local store when asked to pick a marker color for their window this year, thought about it and mentioned casually, “Wow, is it that time of year again?” She smiled and walked away. But that made me feel like we were doing it, we were creating something for people- some consistency that we brought good tidings for that time of year.  Flash forward to a few hours ago when I was walking around town, checking in on stores and enjoying what people wrote, there were so many messages but I particularly love the writing of children on the windows stating simply, “I love this place”. Yeah, I have to agree.

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