Day 10: how do I get the most out of this practice of being grateful?

20131021_122033As I have a brief moment to reflect on Day 10 of the project, it is growing by leaps and bounds- more than we could have ever imagined. It speaks to the message of the project, far beyond any one of us and we are thankful for all the people who have opened their hearts and minds and space to this singular idea that we all have something to be grateful for and life is pretty good.

In fact, it is a gift.

This morning as I went for my run, the day was just breaking. Was my first thought- “Wow I am grateful for this day”? Honestly, I was preoccupied with other things.

And then I got distracted from my own thoughts and looked up and smelled the air and saw the sliver of light on the horizon. I was present and in the moment and I remembered what the project was about:

Contemplate this: if you only had one day- one day to express what you were grateful for- what would you say? Too often we let the moment pass without saying a word of kindness that we genuinely think but have not way of epxressing it. We are full of wonder at our children but have we let them know? Or the kind neighbor who did a kindness for you, the friend who smiled at you when you needed it? Someone who held the door?

So as you move through the project and hopefully you have been practicing daily- go deeper into the practice; think about a kindness someone has done for you today, a loving act that someone has been doing for you, everyday that you have taken for granted.

Be in the moment and grateful to be breathing- to have choices- to smile- to walk- to hold someone’s hand-to laugh in good company- for your food- to have a moment to yourself. And hold onto that moment beacuse it is a gift that belongs to you.

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