Highland Park Kicks Off Gratitude Graffiti Sunday October 26th!!

Highland Park kicked off its 2nd annual Gratitude Graffiti Project at the town-wide Halloween event this past Sunday!  Dozens of local residents — including witches, superheroes and  and princesses! – came by to write down the things for which they are most grateful…

The event kicked off HP’s 33 – days of gratitude, where more than 20 local businesses will allow passers-by to grab a marker and write on the storefront windows.  In addition, all town schools, the library, and religious institutions are participating!  Learn more about the project and the participants at http://www.whoismyneighbor.net/projects/the-gratitude-graffiti-project

Even better…. take a walk through Highland Park this week and grab a marker!  The project will run through to Thanksgiving Day!

IMG_20141026_142705 IMG_20141026_142736 IMG_20141026_143013 IMG_20141026_150628 IMG_20141026_152206 IMG_20141026_160028

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