Locations in Maplewood, New Jersey TGGP 2014

We are constantly updating this page since we don’t officially start until November 1st but check it out and see who is on board!

  1. Able baker
  2. Cedar Ridge Cafe & Bakery
  3.  Milk Money
  4. West Village Clothing Co.
  5. Stage One Coiffures Hair Salon
  6. ProElite Nutrition
  7. KnitKnack
  8. Parteaz
  9. Village Ice Cream Parlour
  10. Maplewood Deli and Grille
  11. Scrivener’s Toys and Collectibles
  12. Wellspring Health Collective
  13. The Framing Mill
  14. Fringe Salon
  15. Cha-Mai’s Hair Salon
  16. Viva Z Club
  17. Express Yourself Studios
  18. HLS Restaurant
  19. Shakti Yoga and Living Arts
  20. Hair Chalet
  21. Gigi’s Cupcakes
  22. CKO Kickboxing Gym
  23. American Jiu Jitsu Dojo
  24. Maplewood Karate
  25. Lotus Petals Floral Design

One thought on “Locations in Maplewood, New Jersey TGGP 2014

  1. There is a lot to be thankful for on a daily basis. Here in Amman, Jordan there are daily reminders of how lucky we are to be with our family and friends in a safe environment. Some of our students have experienced the turmoil in this region firsthand and those who may have encountered it second hand still feel as though they too had a firsthand experience.
    The Gratitude Graffiti Project was a huge success at ACS. It was an easy but thoughtful way for students to reflect and identify what it was they were thankful for and why. On our bulletin board we put up the phrase, ‘Gratitude, turns what we have into enough.’ This led to a lot of impromptu discussions in the hallway about all the things that are lives are consumed by and whether or not we need them or are just lucky to have them and what life would be like without them. Needless to say there were many mixed emotions and great conversations to eavesdrop in on or engage in.
    As we took the board down this week, (it has been up since November) the students asked when we would be putting it back up. So we have decided to take our Gratitude Graffiti to the windows outside our principal’s office so that it can continue for the rest of the school year.
    The students and teachers of ACS would like to say thank you for bringing such a simple idea to life. We have had a wonderful experience publicly expressing our gratitude and will do so for the rest of this year and most likely many years to come.
    Sending love and light…

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