TGGP in Washington, DC!

Talk about a dream come true: Lucila finds it amusing that I literally aim for a location in my mind and somehow it manifests.  Turns out, Karen Pierce, Director of Wellness Promotion at Georgetown University Law Center  heard the presentation via the National Wellness Institute this summer and brought it to DC!   Here’s to hoping we can expand it to other neighbors in the DC area next year.

From Washington State to the Nation’s capital, we are spreading gratitude graffiti!

Now, can I get a shout out from Detroit? 🙂  Woot Woot!

Here is a blurb and pictures from their awesome event.

Gratitude 1Gratitude 2

“The Center for Wellness Promotion at Georgetown University Law Center offered a much shorter version of the 40-day Gratitude Graffiti Project. We posted a simulated brick wall on one of our floors for just one week and asked students, staff and faculty to tell us what they were grateful for.

The wall went up bright and early on a Monday morning and the response itself was gratifying. Our law center community came together to share their gratitude. Our Early Learning Center with children from 18 months to 5 years old also participated and the teachers posted their responses. 

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