“Note to Self: BE THANKFUL!”: The Gratitude Graffiti Project in the Workplace

You may not think of the workplace as a place to feel or even express gratitude, and yet, most adults spend most of their waking lives in their workplace, doing just that: work.

But what if someone suggested that you leave your cubicle, pick up a pen or a marker and take a moment to be thankful ?

In 2014, there were places all over the country that brought this to their workplace and have found it just as transformative and a great community builder.

Employees thought it was a crazy but fun idea to write on the windows to their conference room and fill the glass with positive affirmation of thankfulness.

A play on words that we created specifically for the workplace is: “Note to Self: BE THANKFUL!”  and asked people to write on post it notes and stick it on a board.

As we have always said, changing a mindset shouldn’t be hard. In fact, it should be fun, thoughtful, and creative.  Stretching our minds may push us out of our boundaries (and maybe those boundaries are the physical space) to see what has always been there: all the little and many blessings we have in our lives.

Candice Davenport 2
Maplewood Township “Note to Self: BE THANKFUL!” Worksite TGGP 2014

Candice Davenport 3 Candice Davenport1

Washington State Penitentiary 2014
Washington State Penitentiary 2014
Tennessee 2014
Workplace in Tennessee 2014

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