Thank you to Lake Health Medical System in OHIO!

For the past three years, Lake Health Medical System has been leading the way and bringing The Gratitude Graffiti Project to its staff and to the community! They are joyful, collaborative and truly embody what this project is all about.

What is so great about Lake Health are the VIDEOS that they have created over the years to create a visual documentary of The Gratitude Graffiti Project as it unfolds and as people participate. You can see the physiological changes in people- they are happier and glow as they think about what they are grateful for, in their own lives and want to share it with hugs and smiles to those around them.

Here are a list of videos over the years:


Thank you to Vaia Lappas-Gilchrist, Certified Health and Wellness Coach/ Exercise Physiologist at the Lake Health Wellness Institute for reaching out to us and making it happen!  As a fellow nurse, I know how grateful we are for our profession and our calling to serve and it is nice to come to work with others who have such open and grateful hearts, and to hear that people are thankful for the care and compassion you provide, every day.

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