TGGP Logo and other tools

In order to start the project and be connected to the movement of gratitude and community art, we ask that you feel free to use the logo solely for implementation of the project after you have notified the organization that you are joining in the movement (Go to ‘CONTACT US’).   Please put it on your storefront window, in publications and announcements of the project, press releases, advertisements, etc. If you need the graphic directly please contact us.

Please note that any reproduction or unauthorized use of the Gratitude Graffiti Project logo, without the permission of the founders of the project, is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved to The Gratitude Graffiti Project.  Copyright 2013.

We also have templates for the ‘Date Due for Gratitude’ library cards that we can send to you- just please send us an email in the ‘Contct Us’ section. Lastly do not forget to use Facebook ( and Instagram [#gratitudegraffiti  #(YOUR TOWN)]to post up pictures and images!

We hope all these tools help!

The Gratitude Graffiti Project LOGO

TGGP logo with TM KHong 2014



Thank you to the creator of this awesome logo, Matt Rusnock!


Thank you to our fabulous partners in Highland Park, New Jersey who joined us in the movement last year and have created these terrific posters for other communities to use. They are  editable/ modifiable PDFs .There are two (2) sizes so please make note.It is modifiable so that you can add names of your organization and location and change the length of time you are participating.

If you have (.ai) Adobe Illustrator or (.psd) Photoshop and prefer these files please contact the co-founders (see ‘Contact Us’).

Any further alteration to the posters that misrepresents the purpose of the project in any way, or use of these files other than as  posters for promoting participation in the project, is strictly prohibited. 

If you have questions please contact the co-founders (see ‘Contact Us’).



Thank you to Open Mind Designs in Maplewood, NJ for this one fold flyer that you can hand out and distribute.  It provides all the pertinent information you need about the project and how to start:


Washable window markers we would recommend:
1-G’soft Pop window/ bistro board chalk.
2-“SuperChalk” Liquid Chalk Markers from Precision Kitchenware.
They are also sold in white which look amazing. The lines are very clean which makes the writing very clear and distinct and the colors really pop.
3-Marvy Bistro Liquid Chalk marker




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