Day 28: Scientific results you might like



Expressing gratitude at Arturo’s Osteria and Pizzeria



One of the aspects I love about writing daily is that I am always on the look out for inspiration, something to learn from or something to share.  It’s a very scientific study of 1 analyzing whether I can indeed find what I am looking for and if so, how exactly will it make me feel.  More specifically, will it change my mood, my thoughts, what I say, my actions?

Today, it was as if it was scripted.  I went to one of my favorite sources, The Arbinger Institute and was a little shocked, in light of yesterday’s post, that I found this quote from The Choice in Teaching and Education:

“The recognition of greatness in others is the beginning of greatness within.”

…and there it was in front of  me.  A succinct 11 words that describe  how I feel when I cherish others: great within.  In my humble study of one, the cause and effect is clear: cherish others and feel great.

I invite you to think about who you are grateful for.  Recognize their greatness.  You too, might like the results.