Day 26: Grateful to Wait in Line

An entry by Candice Davenport, The Gratitude Graffiti Project:

Gratitude Graffiti from the Hair Chalet.

Our nation and region showed great courage and determination yesterday to mobilize ourselves and each other, to get to the polls and take advantage of our civil right to cast a vote for our governmental leaders. We walked. We stood in line. Not for gas. But for something that meant something to us.

Some of us without power, some of us transported far from our homes, we overcame such things and made our presence known and our voices heard.
Maybe reflecting on this election day, in the wake of response and recovery from Hurricane Sandy and hunkering down for another pounding by a Nor-Easter, we can be grateful that we are made of a stronger will than we thought we were. Grateful that we are a resilient family. Grateful that we are a community that does care for its own. Grateful that we have the means to lend a hand. Grateful that we can cry and then pick ourselves up and move forward. Grateful to wait in line so our voices are heard, and know in a sea of people, we are not alone. We are here. We matter and that today could be our greatest day yet.

Sometimes our greatest day can start with a personal practice of thankfulness.

One essesntial hurricane safety tip.

One of our commercial streets in Maplewood, NJ…

School has been cancelled today and tomorrow.  We have cleared the basement.  OK, my husband cleared the basement.  We have secured the trampoline.  We have emergency battery powered lights, candles, bottled water, water in the bathtub to flush toilets if needed and enough Halloween candy to feed an army.

I just read that 51 lives have already been claimed by hurricane Sandy in Haiti.  I  think of the friends I made there when I visited last year, mainly women and children, living in tents.  So far, I have heard that everyone is safe.

As I sit here in the comfort of my own home, warm, electricity working, being able to use my comfortable lap top from my comfy couch I am reminded yet again of how lucky I am.

I know that the storm won’t rear its ugly head around our parts for a few hours.  At this point, we have done all we can physically do to get ready.  One more thing to do…As Lisa Duggan so eloquently shared on Facebook:

“And where did last year’s preparation , or the year’s before, get you? / man stands permanently fixed in the eye of all storms / the earth cares nothing for your extra batteries or your bath tub filled with water / your love will be the only thing that remains / fill your houses with that”

Now I’m as prepared as can be.

Preparing for the hurricane…

An expression of gratitude Shakti Yoga and Living Arts

As we prepare for hurricane Sandy here in NJ, I am reminded on all the little (and big) things I take for granted each day:

  • running water
  • clean water
  • toilets
  • heat
  • being able to cook and eat warm food
  • electricity
  • home phone
  • cell phone
  • internet
  • newspaper delivery
  • postal service
  • light when it’s dark out
  • good schools
  • ambulance, fire and police professionals
  • the leaves getting picked up

What little (or big) things are you grateful for today?