Day three: Today is the day…

“Neither a promotion, losing weight, finding a soul mate, writing a book, nor becoming a billionaire, will ensure happiness.  Nothing ensures happiness.  No destination is great enough.  No dream come true will do.
Because happiness that is not present at the start of the journey will not be present at its end.”  Mike Dooley. (


Lotus Petals Gratitude Stop

In this moment, in an instant, you have the chance to activate a switch in your mind.  You have a chance to create a moment in time that is lighter, brighter and more inspiring than the moment before.  Moment by moment.   Think of it like activating the light switch in a dark room.  One moment you can see nothing but darkness, and the next, by the switch of a button, you can see light.  You can see clearly.  It takes a second to activate that switch and the view is completely different.

Same goes for your view of your life in this moment.  Activate the switch of gratitude right now, and see a clear beauty of your life that perhaps was darker or blurry before.  Just like that.

Practice turning on that switch right now and share one thing your are grateful for.