The Origin and the Originators

Who are we?

Lucila McElroy and Candice Davenport are Maplewood residents who blessedly found one another. One had an altruistic vision and another needed a creative outlet for her artistic madness.

Cumulative children: six wonders of our world.

Number of great husbands: two (one each).

When they are not playing doctors on TV or smiling at themselves in the mirror, Lucila McElroy is the Administrative Director at Kadampa Meditation Centre Vancouver and the founder of the Perfect Mom Reform School. Candice Davenport is a public health nurse and health educator for the Maplewood Health Department and a public health program coordinator for Rutgers University.

Why did we do this?

The Gratitude Graffiti Project is based on a simple concept, supported by positive psychology research and literature that one of the most important steps to wellness and happiness is to assume a daily practice of gratitude.

Our goal is to create THE REMINDER by utilizing community hubs (Gratitude Stops) to creatively engage each passerby and member of the community to take a moment to be grateful for a minimum of 40 days.

As a life coach, Lucila has experienced first hand in her personal and professional life that practicing a daily habit of being grateful for what we have in our lives creates a sense of happiness, a sense of WELL- BEING. When we practice gratitude in our daily lives, “nothing changes and everything changes” because we have enough and more.

As a nurse and a public health educator, Candice has grown to believe that a sense of place and the messages that surround us can affect the human condition. She believes we are all connected to one another and our environment and that through our daily interactions, each can have a positive effect on the other. As an educator, she sees that adults are experiential learners and need to be engaged to fully process an experience, such as changing  attitudes or behaviors.

Contact us and tell us what you think at .  Send us pictures, share your thoughts, let us know where you are today in your practice of gratitude and write it, draw it, create it, be with it and most of all, enjoy it.

Welcome to the Gratitude Graffiti Project.

9 thoughts on “The Origin and the Originators

  1. Love this girls! I am grateful that you sent me the link to this project. Recently I have felt called to be full of joy (no matter what is going on around me). So this goes hand in hand with that! Very exciting!!!

  2. I am grateful that I met you and and the reminder of of how uplifting it is to feel grateful each day!

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