Refer to the Lake Health blog post for a series of videos from lake Health in Illinois.

November 2016: Atlantic Health System, NJ video

2015, Potosi, Wisconsin School District

December 2015: Rutgers Barber Shop and TGGP– Thank you Daren Styles!

November 2014: Boylan Catholic High School created this YouTube video on their Gratitude Graffiti Project.

November 28, 2013 Highland Park gets the project on NJN TV!  Check it out here! Thank you to the non-profit, Who is My Neighbor? and the entire Highland Park, NJ community!

November 22, 2013 Columbia University NYC, New York Thank you to Tyffanie Ammeter and Katherine Worthington and the amazing staff and Student Senate at Columbia University, Teachers College for being our first NYC gratitude stop! Check out their amazing video!

November 11, 2013: Teaneck, NJ has some awesome and talented people who have captured the spirit of TGGP. See their terrific video here.  Thank you Rachel, Lauren and Elie!

October 2013: Gratitude Graffiti Project on Shaw TV, Vancouver British Columbia

Watch our original video on The Gratitude Graffiti Project! (updated with an older version since the latter version was removed from YouTube)
The goodness keeps flowing on this project- two local media artists, Primal Productions and Bleu Moon Agency and local actor (and sound studio engineer) Kevin Kraft, volunteered their time in the fall to create a video for the project. With the editing wonders of Blue Rock and Denise Petrizzo, NYC we have a beautiful finished product that visually captures the vitality of the project. We are very proud of how it highlights the magic of Maplewood, its residents, our stores and the library system.

Since we put up the video, we have had over 1,000 viewers! Hooray!


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